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Hai guys!

It's been a while! I know I haven't been uploading anything in months but life has been busy and motivation to draw when I get home has been lacking. I've been further discouraged from posting things here since the permanent ban of Callmepo which appears to be a personal vendetta by a mod looking for excuses to ban him. There were other friends who had their journals deleted discussing this topic despite there being nothing on DA policy saying that you can't talk about a member being banned. I've been down that road before but I'm at the point of not caring if my account goes that way too, apart from the marginal feelings of nostalgia.

Either way, as much as I dislike the Tumblr's interface I have to agree that DA is going the way of the dinosaur and that Tumblr is quickly rising up to fill the gap for artists wanting to draw pinups (and even porn). It's sad really, but I suppose nothing is permanent on the internet (except for Space Jam) and that things will eventually change no matter how much you invest somewhere.

For the people who are asking, yes I'm still drawing, although it is more on traditional medium and on paper scraps I find lying around. My commissions status is a little flakey (I want to accept, but I'm not open to any atm), though a lot of people have been asking me for it. I would like to eventually take one or two commissions, but they are not my main source of income which is why I'm not in any rush to offer them. While I enjoy drawing, commissions involve me drawing other people's ideas on my free time, so my pricing reflects on how much I value my free time and technical skill, and not on how much it will take to feed me. As for when I will open my status for commissions (and to put up a price list), it'll probably be during mid/late August.


With that out of the way, the main topic I'd like to discuss is about the recent story involving some tourists from Canada who decided to travel to Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, break public indecency laws, urinate over a national landmark and then went on to say "Fuck your culture". News outlets report it differently, painting them as victims and scores of people agreeing that the culture of Sabah is indeed 'stupid' all over the internet.

I've climbed Mt. Kinabalu when I was 14 years old and reach Low's Peak (ironically is the highest peak, but the guy who discovered it was called Low). It was a memorable and easy climb but I remembered being violently ill at the halfway camp (probably due to altitude sickness and whatnot at my age). I was offered to stay in and let the rest of the school group reach the peak at 4am, but I refused. I believed the regret of not trying to go up there would be worse than the regret of reaching the top with a hell of a headache/fever. Thankfully though I was correct, and the view was mesmerizing looking at the sunrise over the valley early at 4am. But I digress...

Before people get up in arms about the tourists earning arrest warrants it's important to clear up that they are being charged with public indecency and defacing a national landmark. The people around the immediate area live in small villages with a nearby town that is more developed, but the community as a whole have a rule to keep the mountain as pristine location as possible despite it being a tourist location. They also believe in spirits and superstitious beliefs, but these beliefs are not enforced by law. What is enforced by law is public indecency, littering and defacing landmarks. Canada has a similar law (Article 167 - Immoral theatrical performances and Article 173 - Indecent exposure) which grants you an arrest for public displays of nudity.
Mount Kinabalu is not exactly an isolated place as many would have believed; There are hundreds of climbers who climb the mountain daily and several thousands monthly (mostly local Malaysians), it's not uncommon to have several other climbers pass you by on the way up, some of which are local school children on trips.

The second point is the defacing of a national landmark where it is either littering or urination/defecation/spitting. In order to keep the area as pristine as possible, the only acceptable thing to leave behind is carbon dioxide from your breath. There are designated areas where toilets built at regular intervals in order to provide rest stops and to discourage people from urinating and defecating all over the mountain and trails. There are fines for people who don't follow this. From the volume of tourists and visitors the mountain gets, you can see how this equates to pouring large amounts raw untreated sewage into the ecosystem every year if this was not regulated. It would be an ecological disaster.

Thirdly, despite what officials say about their beliefs in the supernatural causes for the following tremors, they cannot call for arrests because superstitious beliefs are not enforced by law. Environmental damages and frank disregard for indecency law does, which is the main basis for the arrest warrants, despite what news outlets spin the story for you to believe.

Lastly, those tourists were warned beforehand by their tour guide on these rules, on where the rest stops were and specifically on conduct and public indecency. They had the opportunity to plan ahead of time where to take pit stops and where to throw the trash, so there was literally no excuse for ignorance or their behavior. They then went on to preemptively break those rules, stripped naked, pissed on a national landmark, told the locals to "fuck your culture" simply out of pure contempt for the area they were visiting. It saddens me that the international community agrees with their views while Malaysians are left to clean up the mess (both physical and PR) the so called 'tourists' left behind.

Sometimes I wonder if Western tourists visit Asia to see how people live differently or to simply impose their sense of superiority through cultural imperialism. It's really none of their business why our environmental rules are in place or why we have public indecency laws. They come in thinking they are the masters of other people's land they set foot on, where the local laws apply to everyone but them, like a colonialist from the 1800s. Even I can see that it's wrong to for example, to travel to Canada, strip naked and piss on a war memorial. Then later tell the locals they are stupid because those people are dead and it won't affect them and to stop being so offended.

I don't know really, but sorry for the sour note of the journal. I needed to get that off my chest. :iconimnothappyplz:

I'll leave this with you:…

Long time no see. Uhhh. I know I don't update much, but it's because of life getting real busy. However, I haven't stopped drawing and most of my stuff is mostly on paper and shared between random people who manage to chat with me online.

Anyway, I still log onto DA to fave pictures like a madman and I've noticed a large exodus of people towards Tumblr. Maybe Tumblr is less prudish towards adult artwork, which means that DA can't really afford to keep up this sort of attitude unless it wants to lose its competitors. Either way, I can't seem to get used to navigating Tumblr. There isn't much of a comment system that's obvious to me and a lot of people simply reblog posts. Reblogging is annoying for me because most of the time I can never find the original source of the image I've found. There probably is a way to do that, but I feel like I'm becoming an old geezer :S

What do you guys think of Tumblr? Any tips or tricks to share with me?


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