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Do not buy or support Space Engineers on Steam.

I've come across the announcement of the game because I am a very regular user of Kerbal Space Program. Keep in mind this was before Space Engineers made its debut on Steam. Since then, I've mostly kept quiet about it, until now. Now that it's on Steam, you get a massive boatload of absolute retards who do zero research on a game and buy based on reflex and hype.

In case you are wondering why, Marek Rosa (the dev who's in charge of Keen Software House) was well known by the Miner Wars 2018 community to have lied and taken money without delivering on promises on that previous crowd funding game. He promised that it would be an MMO, charged money for it, and RAN off.

For evidence's sake I'll post a post mortem here (The comments section alone is worth the price of admission.):…

Now let me reiterate the debacle that was Miner Wars.

When it first cropped up (and asked for money, no less...), it was touted as a sandbox game with destructible terrain (asteroids), which you would mine for minerals, which you could sell for upgrades. While turning your holey rock into you personal swiss cheese of doom and boobytraps. Motherships supposedly were to serve as hubs / trading points, with clan/player owned motherships being touted as possible concept.

Then all of the sudden MMO talk started. More money was appropriated with the promise of MMO-style gameplay. A terrible, sub-par descent clone with barely destructible terrain (yes, it could be destroyed. No, like heck there wasn't enough ammo to make something worthwhile with that "feature".) and next to no sandbox elements was released to the public, with one of the most odious DRM systems I have encountered in what is technically an indie game. Critical voices were quickly quelled, posts deleted, accounts removed.

And now, Mr "I was right all along and only regret not firing people faster" comes around for a third time asking for money, without having delivered the MMO which he announced prior to this, and obviously being oblivious to said fact.

Not giving him any money is the least you can do.
And let me put it that way: Some people are only alive because it's illegal to shoot them.

A second damning thing is that he also treats his staff with equal contempt and runs off leaving them completely unpaid. On the same page we have this:

Andy Wolfendon
Marek Rosa is an unscrupulous person. He stopped paying many members of his team, including me (a freelance writer/editor) as Miner Wars approached release. He promised he would pay us once the game started selling, but , of course, did no such thing. He then disabled all forms of contact, so that team members could not reach him, and never made the slightest effort to make good on his promise. Now he boasts of selling 50,000 units but leaves a trail of unpaid people behind him. When pinned into a corner about this (before he cut of all contact) he would become extremely arrogant and act as if the team members were being selfish to request their pay. I remember working 16-hour days, giving up a holiday weekend with my family so that the script could get finalized in time. My efforts went completely unappreciated and uncompensated. STAY AWAY from this guy.

For the faggots that are suddenly and magically diehard fans of Space Engineers, a game that is unproven and unreleased by saying "Oh he's better now, he won't pull off this again". You are just deluding yourselves. This man is the equivalent of a commissioner that has learnt that he can get away with duping artists to work for him and running away with the money with no consequences.
Of course he's going to pull this shit off again.

But this post will probably fall on deaf ears, because gamers, for all their touting of supporting developers, are probably full of shit because they couldn't care less for the unpaid artists and writers that the developers step over. They just want their next quick fix, and are not afraid to lie or go into denial to get it. Just go look at the massive support this game already gets on Youtube and Steam. Disgusting.

p.s: Apologies for the overwhelmingly negative tone in the journal after such a long absence from updating DA. This particular topic grinds my jimmies and rustles my beans, so I couldn't help posting about it. On the lighter side, while my life has been busy I have been drawing a bit. Most of the sketches had been given away to some colleagues out of boredom, but the ones that I do have are not scanned it yet, and are probably not worthy of scraps. Deepavali holidays are coming up, perhaps I can find time to make a complete image.


Fails at art

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